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Wolves of the Golden Mist

A pack of wolves living in the Valley of Golden Mist, a hidden land of beauty and peace.
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 Rank Information.

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PostSubject: Rank Information.   Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:37 am

Ranks and a description of them will be posted under this topic. If you are thinking about which rank you would like, look here and pick the one thast suits you best.


Full of loyalty and compassion for their pack but still dominant and strong, the Alpha’s are the leaders. The Alpha’s hold the most authority in their pack and no wolf can order them directly what to do. They make the major decisions based on logic for the pack’s survival and well-being. The two, Alpha Male and Alpha Female, decide who does what when. It is their job to keep the pack safe and peaceful.


The Beta’s are the second to most loyal wolves in the pack. They aid the Alpha’s in making important decisions and are usually the most trusted wolves in the pack by the Alpha’s decree. Only the wolves who are loyal to their pack and dependable to fulfill any task with the greatest of will power are chosen for this honorable rank.


This pair of wolves are not as dominant as the Alpha’s or Beta’s, but they are still of high importance to the pack. They aid in keeping things smooth within the pack and are usually first to hear the lastest gossip. If the Alpha becomes ill or cannot perform their duties, the Beta’s then take over as Alpha’s for a while and the Delta’s as Betas. Only wolves who understand the laws of the pack and have proved themselves both humble and diligent in their work receive this post.


These are the wolves that are either, retired or injured beyond repair and can’t fend for themselves. They get a luxury treatment of fresh bedding every day and a den when the weather is bad. They also receive meat that the Alpha’s bring them. The Elders are like the counselors and mentors of the Alphas.


These wolves are noble and strong, their urge to protect their pack does not waver, even at their moment of death. These canines are the guardians of the pack, sometimes two will be stationed to keep other pack members away when a meeting between the Council is in order. These wolves patrol regularly and report to the Beta’s, who decide the important news and deliver it to the Alpha’s.


The name pretty much describes it. These are the hunters of the pack, the most experienced wolves and scenting and catching prey. The Alpha’s go to these wolves to plan the way of attack for larger prey that lone wolves can’t catch.


These wolves are good at knowing good herbs and flowers from poisonous ones. They are also very sneaky and lethal when they want to be. Scouts usually have only one really friend in the pack, usually another scout. They eat away from the pack, not trusting any wolf but the Alpha’s and each other. These wolves are like social outcasts but they send themselves away and aren’t bullied. Scouts are usually of a slim build and small, to make it easier to sneak about. They tend to like the Healers of the pack also, for appreciating the work they do with flowers.


These are the medicine-makers and doctors of the pack. If a wolf is ill, they do all they can to heal them, if a wolf has been injured, the same. These wolves know how to use herbs to their advantage and the advantage of others. The scouts help the Healers by knowing the territory. The Healers can send the scouts out for herbs far away and they will return with bushels a short while after.


These are the Shamans of the pack. They have prophetic dreams of the past, present and future. Sometimes these dreams are hard to decipher, but no matter what, the Dreamers must always share what they heard or saw with the Alphas and no other wolf.


The wolves that are between the ages of six and twelve months. They are learning to become the rank of their choice or the choice of the Alphas. Oce they reach the age of one year, they may choose to train in a different skill, or become a full-fledged member of their already trained rank.


The youngsters of the pack, the wolves that are under six months of age and still deciding what to be when they grow up. Pups are not allowed to exit the nursery until they reach seven days and they can speak, smell, hear and see.
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Rank Information.
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