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Wolves of the Golden Mist

A pack of wolves living in the Valley of Golden Mist, a hidden land of beauty and peace.
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 The Pack and Territory

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PostSubject: The Pack and Territory   Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:29 pm

Pack of the Golden Mist is a peaceful pack most of the time. The Territory is rich in prey during the spring and summer, the smaller prey leaves during the cold seasons and the pack must hunt together to catch larger things like elk, deer and, very rarely, buffalo. To strangers, the territory may seem perfect, but there are flaws. Bears come in shortly after hunts finish, meaning the pack must eat the most possible before bears and cougars come. There can be avalanches during the winter and landslides during the autumn.

The plants around the territory are all beautiful, but some are deadly. Before wolves receive their rank, they are taught how to tell poisonous plants from those that are OK. Water lilies grow in the ponds around the territory and willows hang over the lakes and rivers. The main den site has a low-branching basswood tree. Only mother wolves with pups sleep in dens, the other wolves sleep in or around the tree. The full territory takes almost all of the valley.

The Pack of the Golden Mist is a semi-realistic Wolf Pack. This means that the wolves can speak to each other in their own language, which we type in English. The speaking part lists it under the "Semi" part. The realistic part, is that these wolves behave as a real pack would. Meaning they hunt large prey together, they share a den site, the Alpha's and Beta's eat first, and so on. The wolves also look realistic, so avoid growths and strange eye colors please.

I ask that before you begin in the RP section, you read over the Rules, about the ranks and create a Wolf Record. So, if you understood this, great! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM me. Thank you for reading!


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The Pack and Territory
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