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Wolves of the Golden Mist

A pack of wolves living in the Valley of Golden Mist, a hidden land of beauty and peace.
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 Renkai, The future Beta

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The Losts
The Losts

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PostSubject: Renkai, The future Beta   Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:08 pm




Three and a half



What is your wolf's compatibility level with others?:


What are the leadership skills of your wolf like?:



Activity level?:


WQ username:


How long have you been a part of GMP?:

Since the very first day it was created :3

How would you the pack work better with you as their beta?:

Wolf: The special bond between family, the understanding of their shared history.
User: Experienced leader

Why do you want to be a Beta:

Personally it would be fun and the different side plots you could create with the setup.

Question and Answer

A few pack members are fighting on the ChatBox, there are threats and foul language, what do you do?

(Sounds familiar yes?) PRT SC or Copy + Paste the words into a PM that will go to Rinka, and Rinka only. After this is accomplished you have choices...
If you were a Moderator: I would ask them to stop Immediately, if fight continues I would ask them to stop again, nothing... then I would Kick them both, if they come back and continue to fight I would ask to stop, then kick and if they come back for the third time, say you will ban them, count to three slowly and they are banned... MWAHAHA
If not moderator: Ask to stop multiple times, if nothing well as long as you are continuing to copy the messages that's all you can do

You discover that one member has one to many accounts, remember you have admin powers, what do you do?

First you ask them about it, if they admit it then you can plan out away to kill the wolf in RP so it avoids unwanted questions from other members, after this is done you can change the password or delete whatever Rinka prefers. If they deny, which is probably what will happen, explain to them how you found out so it doesn't sound as if it was just an accusation. Still no then you continue to ask questions until they... one: run out of excuses and admit it, two: deny and lie, ban the second account, still being stubborn? Ask for the truth or there first account will be banned too, keeping their moth closed ban for maybe three days, after that you still can't get it out of them, well you are dealing with one stubborn person! Do the following, give them the rank Omega, Delete or change password to kill the wolf in RP, first ask Rinka which one she prefers. Remember to keep Rinka posted on what the User and yourself are messaging.

If you find out that someone has stolen the WQ ad/thread layout, what do you do to stop the problem?

It depends of course. One: It is identical, only difference is names, then you ask them to change it, POLITELY, No, well then since it is on WQ there isn't much you can do except maybe tell a Moderator (SilverHybrid, Alpha Female ETC...) Two: It is slightly different. Tell them that they must ask for the layout and even after that they should give credit to this pack.

If activity levels ever go down all of a sudden, people stop coming online and when they do it's very rare, how do you handle the situation and what do you do to raise the activity levels?

Well, assuming the beta is active and alpha, if people start leaving, ask them why, if it is a valid excuse like a personal or family medical problem then sure just wait to they come back, if it's just cause well, there is nothing you ca do, ask the apparently few active members to post more on the WQ thread and Ads on the advertising topic.

What would you do if a member starts spreading bad rumors over the WolfQuest forums in an effort to shut down Golden Valley and won't tell the reason why?

Well that is against the rules of WQ, normally the moderators would PM them in a max of 24hours. But seeing as you want this question answered properly, I would ask them to stop, Tell a Moderator, ask them to stop again. Any more is a wasted effort.
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PostSubject: Re: Renkai, The future Beta   Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:16 pm

This is a great application! I'm going over them all right now.
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Renkai, The future Beta
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